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  • Candied, Tropical, Creamy


    With the second release I wanted to continue our journey together, exploring interesting coffees that highlight innovation at the farm. This coffee does that in two unique ways; in its processing method and in it’s unique cultivar like the last release. I am really excited to present to you an inoculated washed H3 from La Bastilla Coffee Estate in Nicaragua, called ‘Pineapple Candy’.


    On the back of the last release, a first generation hybrid, we continue the journey of F1 by exploring H3; a ‘clone’ of an F1. As discussed in my blog, the first generation of a crossing will be unique and any offspring (F2 or second generation) from that F1 plant will not behave like the original F1 plant due to segregation. A handy reference tool is Dr Ch. Montagnon’s cultivar wheel at 


    This segregation continues for about 25 years of breeding, until the sixth or seventh generation, before it becomes a stable cultivar. This is a significant amount of time, so a way to replicate that first generation more efficiently is by ‘cloning it’ by either replicating the exact genetics or by taking ‘cuttings’. This H3 is a clone of the F1 crossing of Caturra and an Ethiopian landrace from the CATIE collection (accession E531), and is known for its smooth creamy body and overall high quality cup profile.


    This coffee is washed, but with the unique feature of having been inoculated with the Sacchromydies Cerevisiae yeast, a yeast commonly used in wine-making and brewing. It has been fermented in a controlled environment with these yeasts, before being washed and then dried at 45c. These yeasts bring forward and highlight the tropical notes in the coffee and add a further layer to its complexity, hence why they named it ‘Pineapple Candy’. 


    I have then profiled this coffee as part of my training toward the World Championships, aiming to highlight its complexity and mouthfeel through an extension of the maillard phase via a soak, whilst simultaneously holding onto its refined acidity by using pace in certain parts of the roast.


    I found a distinctly candied fragrance of cherry, tropical fruit, and chocolate, followed by an aroma of candy floss, taking me straight back to childhood! As expected with a name like ‘Pineapple Candy’, this cup is tropical and sweet, with notes of grilled pineapple and vanilla, cooling into peach and nectarine. It initially coats the mouth, before decending into a deliciously creamy cup, leaving you with a cherry and chocolate finish. I’d love to hear what you are experiencing in your cup! 


    Thank you for supporting #roasttotaipei 💕

    Roastersaurus H3 'Pineapple Candy' 2/3 - 200g (Ltd Ed. 100 Bags)

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