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Layered, Exotic & actually Juicy


Pink Bourbon - Washed-  Don Gabriel Castaño Buendía- Colombia


This coffee is truly special as it has been produced by Don Gabriel, who is commonly referred to as the godfather of Pink Bourbon in the southern Huila region. Having been an early adopter of the variety at a time when it was not well known yet, he has been a key person in developing its quality, as well as sharing his learnings with other producers who became inspired to produce their own.


This cup is complex! It’s profile beautifully represents the feeling of being on an adventure, lending well to the overall vibe of a Roastersaurus event or content, and is layered with wonderful range of notes. The journey begins with jammy and sweet notes like raspberry and strawberry, and continues on into bright and floral notes like hibiscus and lime, creating an incredibly juicy pink lemonade-like sparkling cup. Along this little pilgrimage, I also found more exotic notes like lychee, kiwi, and dragon fruit, and I’m sure there are more layers to uncover as it rests further. 


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Roastersaurus Pink Bourbon Washed - 200g (Ltd Ed. 100 Bags)

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